Richard & Rosie   -   New Zealand


(After training in the Baltic Sea on their way to the east coast of Sweden with their DF 35 UL 'Bronzewing')


......We both appreciated your excellent knowledge of these boats and your gentle and thorough approach to sharing this knowledge with us.  You gave Richard some excellent tips and refreshed some of his techniques, all of which will help make sailing our boat easier and all the more enjoyable.  Rosie gained a huge amount from your training, a much better overall understanding of the science of sailing, the 'why and how' things work and the relationship of the sails to the wind and sea conditions.  As Richard said, Rosie would never have ventured out onto the outer hull in similar conditions had you not encouraged her to try it out.  She is a lot more confident and will build on that confidence and what she has learned in the weeks to come.



Richard is a very experienced sailor who previously sailed around the world with his 62' Monohull before he bought DF 35 'Bronzewing'

Gill V.    -    Belgium  


(After a delivery incl. training to Nieuport/ Belgium)


… Sailing a Dragonfly is really different to the boats I have sailed before. It was good to have an experienced Dragonfly Skipper on board for the difficult passage to Belgium.

Dan M.   -   Portugal  


(After the training on his new DF 35 UL in Lisbon)


.. the yard should offer this training as a standard. I had a Lagoon 410 Catamaran before. My new Dragonfly is much more technical and sensitive.  It's like changing from a truck to a sports car.

Erwin M. & his ‚chief engineer’  -  Germany                    


(After the transfer of his new DF 35 UL from the yard to Germany incl. trainng)


 …  I learnt a lot about the boat during the voyage. After the training it was no problem for me to sail it to the Mediterranean. In my opinion it’s stupid to buy such a valuable boat without a proper training. 

Bela B.   -   Hungary 


(After assembling his new DF 28 SPORT  and  training at Lake Balaton)


….. I am very pleased  that I booked the training at the start of my ownership of my new boat


Richard T.  -   France   


(After 3 days test sailing incl. training on my DF 920 EX)


… you are a wonderful trainer, thanks a lot. I hope my dream to buy a Dragonfly will soon become a reality.



Mike & Kayser   -   Finland / Germany


(After a very fast crossing with peaks up to 22 kn from Denmark to Finland)


…. we booked you as a trainer and you left as a friend, thank you.  


Frank M.   -   Germany    


(After a 5 days journey incl. training from the Netherlands to the Baltic Sea)


… that was a fantastic experience on your beautiful boat in an wonderful sailing area

Hans & Laura   -   Netherlands


(After some trainings on their DF 920 EX)


… for us it was the easiest and most effective way to learn everything about ‘Time Out’. The name of our boat is the way we will use it - relaxed and safe.

Steffen & Christiana    -    Germany  


(After a 3 days sail trip in Denmark)


…. Now we understand the appeal of Dragonfly sailing. This boat is not only a fast sailboat, it is also a perfect 'chill area'.



Colin & Crew    -    Great Britain


(After a regatta-training in England)


.... I hope we will do better this year in the ‘Round the Island’ race thanks to your training.  

Bernhard S.   -   Germany                   


(After a stormy transfer from Hamburg to the yard in November 2006)


…. thank you for helping me to sail the boat back to the yard. I learnt a lot on the trip. Had I had done the training in the beginning maybe it would not have been necessary to bring the boat back to the yard for repairs.